Commodities Futures and Options Brokerage


Advantages of a full service futures brokerage firm:

  • Speak directly to a series 3 licensed broker
  • Place orders over the phone and hold for fills on market orders
  • Will be notified verbally of fills in a timely manor as well as receiving written notification by e-mail or mail.
  • Can tailor a plan to offer the customer as much help as they want or offer little to no advise if that’s what you prefer. Our goal is to please the customer.
  • Can advise you with information on contract size, market hours, upcoming reports, relevant news releases as well as expiration and notice dates.
  • Can alert you on market price fluxuations and margin requirements.
  • Can offer second opinions and trade recommendations.
  • We can compare prices of the pit traded products vs. the electronic prices to get the customer the best possible fill.
  • Have your calls answered directly by a broker during office hours for immediate order placement and market updates as well as having access to online trading for after hours order placement.
Online Futures Commodities Trading

MCM offer direct access to the futures market through its Vantage Online Trading Platform. The Vantage trading platform offers MCM clients free real-time streaming quotes, charting, and online direct order placement. Although MCM clients have direct access to the markets, via online access, they can still enter orders via phone if needed.

Broker Assisted Trading

MCM brokers are available to help clients analyze, develop, and implement their trading strategies. Whether it a complex option strategy, of just a simple futures trade, our staff has the patience and experience to help each customer, whether a novice or seasoned veteran, to maximize their trading performance.

Risk Analysis and Hedging

With 50 years of trading experience in the commodity futures and options markets, MCM is able to offers its clientele the expertise to help formulate, construct, and implement simple as well as complex risk management strategies. MCM always works to provide several alternative approaches when formulating a risk strategy for its clientele, at each point explaining the merits and shortfalls of each particular strategy. This way our clientele can make a more informed decision of which strategy is right for their particular situation. MCM also provides its clientele with its VANTAGE trading platform, giving them the ability to monitoring price activity, their positions, account balances, and trade activity, all in real-time. The Vantage trading platform also allows MCM clientele the ability to transact trades from their own computer if desired, or during overnight hours if needed. MCM also provides each client important daily research by e-mail on each individual market.